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Travelling to Europe, would love to meet fellow AW fans

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  • Travelling to Europe, would love to meet fellow AW fans

    Hey guys, me and 3 friends of mine are travelling to Europe, primarily to see Northern Lights in Norway (I know, not the most suitable time, but the only window we all could manage). Along the way we'll be in Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and then Norway.

    First leg of the trip is relatively quick, 1 night in Paris, the next in Frankfurt, next in Amsterdam and finally Norway for about 10 days.

    While I'm in Europe, I was thinking it'd be fun to meet fellow members of this community and Alan Wake fans.

    I'll keep on updating this post as I travel and post photos if I meet anyone of you.

    Not sure how I'll handle my internet and communications. Didn't plan for it much.
    But try hitting me up on Skype.
    My id is aditya.moghe (same as the one here).

    Really excited for this trip and hoping to find some of you guys while I'm there.

    Updates after this break

    I'll be near Champs-Élysées in Paris tonight.

  • aditya.moghe
    Yep, a lot of trekking ahead.
    Would've been cool if we could meet, but I guess that's not happening. Nevertheless thanks for reply and wishes.

    Right now I'm on the train from Oslo to Bergen listening to entire Alan Wake soundtrack. It's a beautiful route. Very scenic. I have a feeling Alan Wake got some inspiration from here as well. I'll post photos if I get a chance.

    As for the updates on the trip, we'll be renting a car in Bergen tomorrow to see the fjords around.

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  • Jaden
    I'll be on the opposite side of Europe while you're travelling, but I hope you all have a wonderful trip. Sounds like you've got a lot of trekking ahead of you! And fingers crossed for some Northern Light displays next week. Sightings may be a little more common/clearer deeper into winter but I hear that October-March are the best months to try, so you may have some luck.

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