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Remedy's storytelling not working?

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  • Remedy's storytelling not working?

    Just finished playing Quantum Break and was like, oh sure, another story we are left hanging with no true ending and more questions. With both Alan Wake and Quantum Break stories left open at the end and no sequels in sight. It makes me wonder if this approach to games is worth it? If these types of games aren't generating the sales to warrant sequels then is this kind of game doomed? Will Remedy stop making these types of games all together?

    Dont get me wrong. I think both are great and I had a lot of fun playing each but It makes me wonder. Well, if I buy this new Remedy game I know it will have a great story but will it be worth my time to play it because it will not have an ending and I wont see a sequel any time soon.

    I hope this doesnt happen for future Remedy games. If it does i'll sadly just stop playing them. Whats the point in playing a game with no ending? They should make more games the way they made Max Payne. They made it not intending to have a sequel and the story had an ending.

    I know Sam Lake in one of his interviews said yes to us getting to play AW 2 in the future but now that seems it was more wishful thinking then an actual confirmation.

    I mean c'mon. Remedy has Finnish in their blood so it shouldn't be hard for them to release a sequel and complete a story! See what i did there?
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    Compared to Alan Wake, I think Quantum Break doesn't leave as many questions as Alan Wake did. While Alan Wake's fate still remains a (complete?) mystery to us, Quantum Break is pretty much a solved one, really.

    But I agree, we really kneed that Alan Wake 2.
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