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which 3d app you use ?

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  • which 3d app you use ?

    i know its off topic but i hope you could help me with

    i wanna start learning 3d app and i still don't know which one should i do 3d max or maya

    i know its a common question over internet

    but i wanna know from you

    which app you use and if there many please define your use for each one


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    I think it depends on what you want to use the final product from the software for. If you just want to learn a bit without paying money so you can maybe turn that into a job, there are some options. Game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine are free to download and mess around with.

    I know if you want to make CGI for films Pixar released their software suite (Renderman) for free personal use, although they are charging for commercial use. That software is basically being used by every studio in Disney right now.

    Not touching 3D studio versus maya.


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      thanks for the reply
      i want learn this for game development and i don't know where to start

      i ask you to know when you develop Quantum Break which 3d app you use beside your Engine