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  • Xbox360 > PC > 5.1 Sound

    Hey guys,

    I wanna know if I can connect my Xbox 360 to my PC via
    HDMI/DVI Apapter (My LCD no HDMI) for the Videosignal
    and a Xbox-AV-cable/optical Adapter for the Audiosignal.
    My Soundcard: Soundblaster X-fi Fatal1ty

    My plan is to use the 5.1 Surroundsystem which I've connected to my PC. So the real question is: Do I get the original 5.1 Sound when I connect my xbox to my Soundcard via the optical adapter cable?!?

    thx a lot in advance
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    Re: Xbox360 > PC > 5.1 Sound

    You can get a Xbox-connection to VGA cable which you can connect to your monitor for video.
    You can't however get 5.1 by passing the sound through your soundcard first. Probably because of copyright protection, it wil only receive stereo.


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      Re: Xbox360 > PC > 5.1 Sound

      ??? Why not just connect your PC to an amp and then the surround system to the amp and the 360 to the amp and then you're set?

      Or... maybe i don't get what you want to do... why does the 5.1 need to go through your soundcard? And no i don't think there is any way to get the audio out from the 360 into your pc soundcard before going back to your surround system.
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        Re: Xbox360 > PC > 5.1 Sound

        If your monitor has a virtual port, skip this step! Steps: 1. Disconnect the age of your Xbox 360. 2. Disconnect the VGA monitor cable. 3. Plug the AV cable to the Xbox 360. 4. Screw the VGA cable to monitor
        DVI video switch