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Sony Bravia HDTV settings help.

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  • Sony Bravia HDTV settings help.

    Hi guys
    Ok here's the thing I just bought a lovely new 37 inch Sony Bravia HDTV.
    I previously has some piece of CRAP television lol and the screen wad cracked
    ( Damn!!!! I wish I played heavy rain on my new tv )

    Anyway I was wondering if any of you guys took some time to get the best picture available including hdmi cable and 1080p for the Sony Bravia?
    If any of u have bought a DVD explaining how to get the best pic I wud appreciate it if they could share with me.

    I just want the best picture lol.
    Ive got a dim light in my room so if u know any information tips.....I'd love to hear it lol
    Hope u can help

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    Re: Sony Bravia HDTV settings help.

    Vivid settings are the best at image quality. Make sure color temp is set to neutral. Also turn off all noise reduction settings.


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      Re: Sony Bravia HDTV settings help.

      I don't know if that tv supports 120hz but in my experience if you do want it you want to set truemotion to auto 2 and motionflow to full, although a friend of my dad's has a 50 inch and he prefers auto 1 with motionflow set to medium.

      Be aware if you have auto1 enabled with full motionflow there might be image distortion. This is normal with 120hz and will not damage your tv.