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    It regards solely to those, who are designers and stuff. I'd like to ask you, if you know any site, that can teach you how to create your own forum web designing.

    I do know how to use Dreamweaver(which is used to create and test your custom made site) and Photoshop CS3 to design them.

    I'm willing to create some for my portfollio and it might be useful for my future jobs, so you can guess I want to expand more my knowledgement.


    (P.S.: I posted this here, because it's more suited for the general site than at the other forum sections.)
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    Re: Custom made forum - Web Design

    I moved it back to General as the Information Desk is only for suggestions/improvements or issues with the site/forum.

    As for your question: Every forum is different and you really need to know how to do web design first then focus on skinning forums later.

    For web design there are a bunch of site out there that could help you out. There's or just simply searching google for web design tutorials would be useful.

    When I design sites I just use Photoshop and Notepad, the best thing to do is step away from Dreamweaver as I feel it holds your hands a bit too much and can limit you in the end.


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      Re: Custom made forum - Web Design

      Try They've got it all! I learned a lot of Photoshop stuff there. I'm not sure about Dreamweaver, but I know they have Photoshop tutorials.
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