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  • Travelling

    Hey everyone,

    Just curious - who loves travelling? May sound odd (at least for me) but some people don't.

    I personally travel every year (usually not less than 2 times). I had visited 7 countries last year and bought some plane tickets from Estonia (where I live) to Milan and to one nice place in Spain. Will go there in May for only 1 week. Too many urgent projects in 4 upcoming months, so can't take more time.

    Where have you been? Where do you want to go? What would you recommend to other travellers?

    I can recommend:

    1. Going to Oktoberfest in Munich. Been there last year since it was the 200th anniversary. The atmosphere and their special beer are pretty awesome. If you are into such activities, of course. I love Germany, but I wouldn't call Munich a great city. Trier and even Frankfurt are IMO more interesting. So Oktoberfest is the reason to go there.
    2. Going to a really small Croatian town named Nin. The beach there is really nice and the prices in Croatia are quite low. You can rent a huge villa (for 12-15 people) for only 1000-1200 EUR/week. I like travelling with 3 other people, but went there with 10 friends. Even though the company was kinda big I really enjoyed it. I just wanted not to do anything (except for swimming and...eeem...doing nothing) and that place gave me what I wanted.
    3. Paris. But don't forget to sell your kidney if you are planning to eat only in restaurants and stay in the center
    4. Porsche World Racing. I know this is held every year in different countries. I was there racing with Remedy guys 2 years ago and that was one of the best experiences in my life. Too bad I can't afford Carrera Turbo S
    5. Plitvice lakes in Croatia. Cameron could have filmed Avatar there - the place is really beautiful.

    May remember something else, but there are no really special places in my head right now.
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    Re: Travelling

    I would really like to be a traveler, a tourist actually. And it's not just a simple wish. I'm building my life around it and I'm determined to get it. This was the very reason I chose English as my field of study in the university; although, my mother tongue is quite different than that.

    But how am I planning get around? I won't be using planes, trains, cars, etc. In fact, bicycle is the thing I'll be using because the nature is the most inspiring thing to me and I don't want to miss even a single scenery. I have some friends who pedal through country and abroad and I can use their experiences. For now, I'm not yet ready to hit the road. As a partner, I prefer my wife to be my partner although, I'm not married yet

    Asian countries are my first goals. India, China, Kora and Japan( [SIZE="1"]pray for Japan[/SIZE]). After that, European countries; specially the cold ones. I'm not just going for famous places and structures. A lonely village in the middle of the mountains will do what I'm looking for.

    3APA3HO, you have seen many places. It's so nice. Are they business trips or just for pleasure?
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      Re: Travelling

      I have been traveling enought to some places. Don't blame me for that. Blame my parents...

      1) Monaco/West Germany - When I was a baby...
      2) Hungary - Especially to Budapest. This was a beautiful land. I wish to be there again. Fortunately, nowadays I have a Hungarian friend from Kendo.
      3) Egypt - When I was 10 years. I drunk some coctails there first time.
      4) Cyprus - I visited Cyprus with my dad there 3 times. We have a friend there.
      5) France - Especially to Paris and Normandia(Where the World War II occured first time there).
      6) Turkey - Althought I don't like much this country, the bazaar is kinda unique. Have to warn you that those guys are like Scrooge McDuck, meaning they will ask you more money to let you buy something, so be careful.
      7) Bulgaria - I have visited this country 5-6 times. We have some friends there.
      8) United Kingdom - Especially to London. Maddieman, if I weren't on a doc's visit there, I'd call you to go out for a coffee, or better for a tea. ^^ I like the girls there, especially the blond ones.
      9) Tunisia - First time I drove the kart like in the Mad Max movies.
      10) With my family and our cousins, we had a cruise ship tour to all of the Mediterranean sea's islands. After this tour we got to Israel for a while. My older cousin's wife was the responsible tour for the Polish people. There was a Polish girl I liked very much, but she didn't know English at that time.
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        Re: Travelling

        I'm a travel addict - any chance I get, I'm out of the country.
        As the saying goes - "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page".

        Ever since I finished uni and started a proper job, I have plans to travel somewhere at least once a year.

        The places I have travelled in the past few years:

        1. Poland (Warsaw, Krakow, Szklarska Poreba, Zacopane, Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, Wroclaw, Jelenia Gora (my dad's hometown)). Also included some day trips to Dresden and Prague.
        2. US (Los Angeles, New York, one day in Chicago)
        3. Fiji (Just stayed around the resorts in Nadi)
        4. New Zealand (Wellington)
        5. Mallorca (incl one day in London on the flight back)

        Next trip is going to be somewhere in Europe during August or September...
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          Re: Travelling

          I love to travel. It feels so good to see other places. It seems to have an effect on me in such a way that it matures me. It just has an amazing effect.

          Here are the places I've traveled to:
          South Carolina
          New Mexico

          How did I get to some of these places? - My school goes on two yearly round trips for outdoor education. One is a hiking trip and one is an international trip out of the USA. It's some really cool stuff.
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            Re: Travelling

            I've been to:
            - Madeira, Portugal
            - Samos, Greece
            - Italy (spent most of the time in Cattolica)
            - Eilat, Israel
            - Lanzarote, Spain
            - Wales (spent most of the time in Abergavenny
            - London, UK

            Of all the places I've been to, I gotta say I love Wales the most. Beautiful country with all the green hills and sheep and people are much like Finns I guess: friendly and laid-back.
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