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OSAMA Bin Laden DEAD !!!!!!!!!!! YES

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    Re: OSAMA Bin Laden DEAD !!!!!!!!!!! YES

    Damn, talk about a serious thread. People are bringing in some heat. (I don't like it)
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      Re: OSAMA Bin Laden DEAD !!!!!!!!!!! YES

      ^Me neither.

      However, here's quite a good article from NPR on the topic:
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        Re: OSAMA Bin Laden DEAD !!!!!!!!!!! YES

        One less Devil on earth
        I'm back.


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          Re: OSAMA Bin Laden DEAD !!!!!!!!!!! YES

          First and foremost, I'm not putting you guys on the same boat with you government.

          Most of the "evidence" for an inside job has been debunked.
          You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder exactly what President George W. Bush knew about the attack and when he knew it.

          According to the official White House manifest, it was at this moment in a Florida classroom that Bush learned the second plane had hit the world trade center and that the U.S. was under attack. But here is what George bush himself said almost three months later when asked about September 11:


          Now wait a minute! George bush was told about the second plane when he was inside the classroom. So you just heard him describe seeing the first plane crash on TV that day. But that's impossible no one saw the first plane crash on TV on September the 11th because the video tape didn't surface until the next day.

          So yeah, war on terror is an excuse. People of the world are being Media-Controlled and manipulated to think about the threats while there is actually no real enemy out there; While the U.S is going for his own plans undercover.

          The idea that we are out for global domination is as based in fact as the idea that the Freemasons are Satan worshipping megalomaniacs who secretely control the world and practice human sacrifice.
          I'm not commenting on this but I recommend you to have your research about these matters:

          Do you know why the attack happened on 9/11? Why not 9/12 or any other day?
          Do you know why you call 911 in emergency situations?
          Do you know about the numerology and Tree of Life?
          Do you know why there is a sphere between the Twine Towers? And WHERE this sphere was built?
          And why this sphere between the towers represents number 101?
          And why this sphere has a clockwise motion and is set to rotate every 24 hours?
          A sun cycle is made up of 11 years. Do you know which infamous speech was given on a solar maximum? On which date? And what Happened exactly 11 years later?
          Do you know who was a member on Bohemian Grove?

          Do your researches.
          We do have a serious habit of leaving behind troops though.
          Oh yeah?
          What a cute-pansy habit to leave the children and women in the terror of gunfire and tanks and machine-guns of your invaders, and you call it a habit? Well done! Is this how they're gonna make a better world?

          For 10 years they spilled the blood of defenseless children, women and noncombatants, destroyed their houses with bulldozers and flattened their cities. Isn’t this the actual terrorism? And you say this is a moment of peace and relief ?!!

          But hey, why not? Be my guest and have a drink on this great triumph. The soldiers did a nice job. More power to them!

          EDIT: Removed dead baby pictures. Thanks for that, dude, that was wonderful judgment on your part. -- Mikki
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            Re: OSAMA Bin Laden DEAD !!!!!!!!!!! YES

            Originally posted by GENE_BC View Post
            I'm not commenting on this but I recommend you to have your research about these matters:
            The problem with conspiracy theories is they cause more questions than they answer and are generally poor explanations of anything.

            Originally posted by Maddieman View Post

            However, here's quite a good article from NPR on the topic:
            This is a great article.


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              Re: OSAMA Bin Laden DEAD !!!!!!!!!!! YES

              Okay, this thread is officially done before it escalates further.
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