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    With such a large amount of intelligent individuals from all over the world gathered in this community I'm sure there is a lot of knowledge here that could easily be shared. In this thread we share all kinds of tips and tricks we know. It might be from your own experiences and things you have picked up around. After some time this could become an interesting and useful read. No matter what kind of knowledge you possess - if it might be of help to someone else then share it.

    1. Smiling suppresses the gag reflex.

    2. Control + Shift + T opens recently closed tabs in firefox.

    3. = search for a given image on the net = hours of fun for stalkers

    4. Send free mail (might not work in all countries)
    On your box or letter, just write your destination to the 'sender' part and don't put a stamp on it. (The policy is that it will be returned to the sender.)

    5. To hasten the onset of night-eye, close your eyes for 20 seconds.

    6. When camping, sit with your back to the fire. That way, when you look out into the night you will be able to see. (If you have been around bonfires then you will know what I'm talking about.)

    7. When in a conversation with a desirable female and other competitors, appear interest in what she says and derisive/dismissive of what other males say. Chicks dig it.

    8. Never tell a lady how many chicks you've slept with. Despite what she says, she doesn't really want to know. Play it off with something classy like, "I don't kiss and tell."

    9. Want to become smarter and gain new perspectives to look at things? Recommended

    Theres alot of ancient novels which have fallen out of style that actually had meaning to them. I'm talking Ayn Rand (your opinions on her are irrelevant) dystopian authors like George Orwell or Aldous Huxley, then get on with some philosophy like Neitzche,

    The point isn't to follow these beliefs firmly, but to integrate them into the way you look at things. You become a cool person if you are familiar with these philosophical themes and viewpoints. If you just try and mirror them, quite frankly you will end up sounding like a douchebag or an arrogant angsty teenager.

    10. If your cell phone dies, look for online guides on reloading the operating system. It works more often than you think, and it could save you hundreds of dollars.

    11. Keep secrets. People remain interested in you when you're mysterious and don't spill everything the second you meet them.

    12. Let your kids eat dirt and play in the mud. When they're young, their immune systems are much stronger, and letting them play in the dirt can help them to build up immunities to diseases and allergies later on.

    13. Go for a 30 minute walk every day. Not only is the exercise good for you, but it gives you a chance to think, unwind, and unstress.

    14. Even though you may be nervous about talking to random people, the worst you can get is "Go away."

    15. Open a bank account, put a hundred dollars in it. Then put the atm card in a box somewhere. Having a hundred dollars that no one knows about could save your life.

    16. You can throw clothes in the dryer for about 5 minutes or so to get wrinkles out. Also, put smelly shoes in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer overnight. The smell is caused by bacteria, which will die when deep frozen.

    17. Use lighter fluid to remove sticky stuff from price labels etc.

    18. Sharpen scissors by using them a few times on a piece of sand paper.

    19. Talk to everyone you can. You may get some negative reactions from some people, but you can also meet some awesome people. I met most of my closest friends this way!

    20. For firefox users.

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    Re: Protips, tips and tricks

    Originally posted by shorty View Post
    intelligent individuals
    You almost said it like you meant it.

    I kid, I kid. It's a cool idea. Thumbs up for my fellow Norwegian bruddah!
    "So, where shouldn't I go so that I don't turn the power back on, accidentally?"


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      Re: Protips, tips and tricks

      Something for the Firefox users


      Do jogging with your heels. It'll increase your speed and very difficult maneuvers with the footwork. I always run like jogging in my training, while I walk with my heels only. only then I can speed up my footwork, whilst I can turn 180o as fast as possible. This also trains your foots to hold your weight and stamina up.
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        Re: Protips, tips and tricks

        I searched for myself in and gave it as much info as possible and it didn't turn up zip. Not even my facebook page. What a crap bit of software... however I guess my name isn't anything special... plus my surname ends up meaning you get a lot of first name full stop second name sentences as the results...

        My one pro-tip (and really it's just common sense):

        Print out a business card sized piece of card with that dude's "7 habits of highly effective people" written down on it. Whenever you've got an important meeting or something your doing or even a phone call to someone you don't usually chat to that's important. Look at the card, think about what you're doing. Puts you in the right mindset. (I'm not a very good phonecall person so need lists of things that I'm going to discuss else I'll end up sounding more like a whirlwind of questions and then have to follow up again).
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