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  • Saint:Divine Comdey

    Recently I've finished Divine Comedy from Dante and after Inferno I made a song about this book . It's simple but it has a lot of meaning through its heart and it's somehow a psychological song !

    You can download it from here

    It's about a man who has sins and now he is burning in hell and he try to tell his love to stay innocent because he knows what's happening in hell. at the end of the song his sound shows us his suffers.

    It has problems in structure so sorry if it's bad.
    When it's all dark...light is so precious, just like the darkness

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    Re: Saintivine Comdey

    Everybody can understand his sorrows by playing Dante's Inferno. I'm waiting for Dante's Inferno 2.
    The game can take you in a journey of fantasy, cause your mind is the creator of fantasy !


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      Re: Saintivine Comdey

      Hey, beautiful music man....
      "Now I am become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds"