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Ninjateddy,for all metallovers and even those who like teddybears and absurd concepts

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  • Ninjateddy,for all metallovers and even those who like teddybears and absurd concepts

    Hi people,

    I'm going to try to make this short...

    One very sober night (seriously) I had the glorious idea to mount a table and improvise a very random (but funny) story about Ninjateddy, heroes among teddybears (and cows too). I won't even try to reproduce the funny story right here, but it all came down to Ninjateddy, heroe of teddybears (and cows too) went over to the urban fields to save the dominated cows from the evil bull "Hanniball". He always took a very great and impressing kung-fu pose while saying "........" (because teddybears can't talk), and thus began a glorious and exciting fight between Ninjateddy and Hannibal.

    Bottom line is that Hannibal ended up going through life as Hanni, since his balls were still left hanging on the barbwire... (they took their fight to another field).

    So...there sprungeth this lovechild of me and my wife, taking a teddybear on trips, nice places to visit, and gigs...where we try to pose Ninjateddy with different bands and known people, even the nice cultural places we visit.

    I'm trying to spread the Teddycult as we speak, he's gaining very lots of popularity and bands even start to ask for him when they visit Little Belgium to gig, I'd very much like each and everyone of you who likes this concept to visit him on facebook and "like" this page we'll even have T-shirts and cool Ninjateddy logo's soon XD

    Here's the page:

    In case any of you would like to add me as well, you can find me here:

    So, who knows, I might even tag you as a friend in a picture on the Teddypage when we cross your city while traveling ^^ which we do every year quite a few times.

    Thanks a bunch people, and be sure to leave your feedback concerning the idea and/or concept :-) we ourselves are heaving a blast with this one.
    *Spread the Teddycult!*