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    There is a Theory,that the Venus Flytrap is an Alien Organism.That came to earth when an Asteroid from Space.Crashed into earth somewhere in Arizonia.Makeing a Crater and that the Plants Bacteria,was on the Asteroid.

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    Re: Venus Flytrap

    So plants don't come from bacteria.

    You would need the plants DNA.

    Even IF the DNA somehow was frozen inside that asteroid and survived going through our atmosphere it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY (like < 0.00000000000000000000000000000000001% chance) that it would unfreeze in a usable state and mesh with another plants DNA somehow to turn into an actual plant. It's also even crazier to think that that asteroid that came through the atmosphere with this frozen DNA intact came from a planet that had a similar climate and resources as Earth for the plant to survive on, let alone that the plant managed to crash into the exact climate area where it can survive.

    Basically what you said is a load of crap without some evidence. And using okam's razor we would presume that the obvious answer is the plant is from Earth and that's why its here. If we then grabbed a botanist that specialised in these kind of plants i'm sure they'd point to about 20-1000 different species of plants that are all very similar to a venus fly trap and it is just our popular culture lack of interest in botany that we aren't familiar with all these other weird plants.

    And with 10 seconds of research into this the internet wins:
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