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    In the Air Force Today,you only need 4 or 5 kills and your an Ace.
    The Red Baron had 80 kills Confirmed.

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    Re: The Red Baron

    Well, you only needed five to be called one in the first World War as well -- although the exact number varied depending on who you asked, that was more or less the standard at the time. Adolphe Pégoud, a French pilot, was the first one to be called that in the newspapers after he shot down five German planes.

    What qualified as a "kill" or rather, a "victory," was a little bit up for debate at the time -- different countries had different standards for it. For example, Belgians didn't count the victory if the plane didn't fall within friendly lines, or wasn't witnessed falling behind enemy lines by friendly troops, and claims by fellow friendly pilots weren't allowed. By comparison, the early British WW1 standards included forcing an enemy plane to land. A lot of the time the victory was also shared with other pilots that engaged the same enemy. On the other hand, the Germans only gave the credit for the victory to a single pilot, even if other friendly pilots were engaged in the same fight.

    The Red Baron was certainly a pretty exceptional guy, no question about it, but he certainly wasn't the only one. His brother had 40 victories, so maybe it ran in the family. Another German, Werner Voss, had 48. René Fonck from France had 75. Edward Mannock from the UK had 61. Canadians Billy Bishop and Raymond Collishaw had 72 and 60, respectively. So while the Baron was certainly a badass, it's not like he was the only one. =) Still, the man did have more victories than anybody else.
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