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Formula 1 2012

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    Re: Formula 1 2012

    Originally posted by jkler View Post
    Love this one:
    Me too.
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      Re: Formula 1 2012

      What does everyone think about the upcoming Bahrain Grand Prix?
      Do you think it should be called off?

      Personally, I think it's going to be a big risk to the drivers. There have already been petrol bombs thrown at the Force India team. There's bound to be something that goes wrong this weekend! It is an international sport shown in a live broadcast, it would be an ideal medium for the protesters to..well...protest. I love the sport, but I really don't mind seeing it cancelled to avoid trouble.
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        Re: Formula 1 2012

        I don't know?! If the protesters are smart, they can use the GP to raise awareness, but there's always a chance that someone does something stupid.

        I think it's a two edged sword at the moment, anything can happen.
        It would have been definitely safer to not go there and race. Lets just hope for the best and that no one gets hurt.

        God I can't believe I wrote that about a GP race
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          Re: Formula 1 2012

          Bahrain is a very profitable Grand Prix, while some others are not. Hence, Ecclestone wants Bahrain no matter what.

          Personally I find the whole criticism in the media a bit hypocritical, but then again, obviously the country is not stable and potentially downright dangerous as an F1-host.
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