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  • New members post here!

    I'm very happy to see that we are having alot new people registering at the Alan Wake official forums!

    So, for those newcomers feel free to post a introduction about yourself on this thread, and if you want, tell us a bit about your past, how you found out about this site and why did you decided to join our community!

    Thank you and welcome to the official Alan Wake community forums.
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    Re: New members post here!

    I guess I’ll start; you can call me Moe or Mo whatever. I’m 18; I live in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada its somewhat near Vancouver.

    Here is a map near where I live

    I’m sort of fanatical about everything to do with a computer (Hardware, software, gaming)

    And of course I’m a huge fan of Max Payne 1 and 2 both were amazing games.

    Alan Wake is looking to be an awesome game so I decided to join and talk about it.


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      Re: New members post here!

      Ok, I'm not exaclty a newcomer, but... I'm Corwin (or Cor for the french bastards who are too lasy to write the whole nick...), I'm 18 and I live in Brest, this is a port in the east of France, in 'Brittany'. This is a nice place to live in, but I can't wait to get out of here...

      I'm following some programming studies, but even if I love programming, and even if being a student at the university is fun, I don't like what I'm learning except one or two things. I'm just trying to get my degree without working so much for it, mainly because of my parents, and then I'll see what I can do to get myself a place in the Game Development industry.

      My main hobby is mapping, I practice that for more than 5 years, but I still got lots to learn. I mapped for HL1&MP1, and I am working on a few projects for MaxPayne 2.

      Other things I like ? Get outside by a beautiful day and look around. That's it.

      I have been impressed by the few shots of AlanWake, so I can't wait to try it out to see what possibilities it'll offer for us modders. Story sounds very cool, exactly the style of stories I like to read or watch, but... I didn't want to know it before the release


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        Re: New members post here!

        Ok, I'm SeoN, but my friends and family call me Michael or Mick. I'm 20 and live in Newcastle, NSW in Australia (yes, another aussie on here )

        Over the past year and a bit, I have looked on with envy at all those who have produced amazing works for the Max Payne community. I did have a mod that I was working on once upon a time, but due to turmoil in my personal life, it kinda got abandoned... (pm me for details, lol)

        One of the main reasons I'm here is obviously, Alan Wake looks amazing, but also because of the people. ADM, satan, Aztec, [HP], bixen, you guys have put so much into the communities that you are involved in and I couldn't pass on the oppertunity to join in on this one as well...

        Anyways, Cheers to everyone and I can't wait to see how things progress on what is sure to be another blockbuster game for Remedy!
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          Re: New members post here!

          Hey guys, just thought i'd introduce myself to the forums!

          I'm Pixel, and I stumbled across your forums today while looking into Alan Wake, i've been trying to find some decent screenshots to help me figure out the games style a little more. (Which I was able to find here ) I'm a massive Max Payne 1 & 2 fan, I was never really part of the online community, but the games are some of the best i've played this generation. When I saw Remedy were making a new title, I though it would be best to try and get into the community a little more this time around so here I am!


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            Re: New members post here!

            Hi guys, as you would of guessed my name is DEATH eVADER. You probably know me if you are a member of the and forums, however I tend to bash ATARI on their own forums. I did make a thread greeting everybody, then I noticed this sticky, luckily the mods noticed it and quickly deleted it (I hope we are still on good terms.)

            I've enjoyed Remedy's Max Payne 1 and 2 and I'm ready to take on the role of Alan Wake. If its any constellation, I prefer Max Payne's story telling medium then Half-Life's (you learn a lot more of the character your playing by having a 3rd person story perspective)
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              Re: New members post here!

              Hi! I'm Aaneton (aka Dsilence from 3drealms forums), been a Max payne fan since 1998 (still remeber old MP screenshots and e-mail conversations with skaven about max payne features back then lol). I'm am also a Future Crew fan since beginning of the 90's, I and was very happy when some of the FC members started the Remedy entertainment (damn I'm old)

              I'm from Finland, 26 years (with 20+ years gaming experience ) my big dream was once to become a 3d artist and I have use 3D studio 4 (dos) and 3dsmax 1-7 alot (and I'm not so bad modelling), but the 3D-artist I was becoming didn't happend because lack of time (to make a portfolio) so I currently working as a system administrator for a large company. Before that I've worked as a graphic artist and webdesigner. Did some modding tutorials for MP1 and made one released mod (Murderburger Inc) + plenty unfinished/unreleased for MP2.

              So why am I here? well I'm addicted to gaming (which my GF hates). But I don't play so much anymore (obviously work+life takes most of my time). I have on problem though: nowdays a game rarely impresses me & I'm tired of FPS-games no matter who good the graphics. so I've started to play old adventure games lately... I'm currently looking for games that provide something new (like Max Payne did). Latest game I bought was Guild Wars, it's fun to play for ˝-1 hour now and then.

              As a long time bitch of Remedy and the fact that they have never let me down with their games yet, makes come back again and again...
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                Re: New members post here!


                I'm Snake and I am from the UK

                I know how to make skins for weapons using Photoshop. I've been skinning for about a year. I've made quite a few weapon skins for Counter-Strike (a half-life mod).

                One of my weapon skins (I didnt make the model. I dont know how to model and I dont have the time to learn how anyways):


                Here are two others which I had started a few months ago but I couldn't be bothered to finish:


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                  Re: New members post here!

                  Ok, not excatly a new member, but us few others (ADM, Corwin) I thought that I could tell something about myself.

                  My real name is Jesse Gröndahl and I'm 21 years old from Finland. Max Payne was the game that brought me to computer gaming because of it's modding abilities. I made many mods for it, but none of them were released. But that helped me to learn stuff and now I'm working on with few MP2 projects, some which are my own, some which aren't. I've also released two mods for MP2, first is tweak mod called 'Aged Heroes' and other is DMW level/tweak mod called 'Lupino Showdown'.

                  I started by making maps, but nowadays I'm making models more than levels. My first models I made already for MP1, but those were mainly tweaked MP1 character models and some boxy weapons and I never got into modelling until just recently.

                  I'm also building a website where I'll put screens of my work and such, but only first page currently works, but if you're interested it's Here.
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                    Re: New members post here!

                    I m Shiraz, going 20 on this month's 23rd. I've been on 3D Realms Forums since 2003. I've been tracking Max Payne, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne since their birth. They're my fav games. Remedy Entertainment are my fav developers. Well, no Max Payne 3 but I knew Remedy was working on a new next-gen project. Well, it turned out to be Alan Wake. No matter how this turns out, I trust in Remedy. Well, I've been a huge fan of ADoomedMarine on 3D Realms Forums and I was one of the first people to visit AlanWake.Net. I hope this site to get much better attention than MPHQ which was a gr8 MP fansite.


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                      Re: New members post here!

                      Hi, my real name is Matthew. I'm from Tennessee and turned 18 a little over 3 months ago. When I saw this game I was shocked and wanted to find out all about it. I have a crappy computer so I'm counting on the new consoles for playing games. You can find me online playing red faction occasionaly, my name there is epoch.


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                        Re: New members post here!

                        aaneton says he is old, well I am 35. My offline name is Alexander Knorr and by profession I am a sociocultural anthropologist, working and teaching at Munich University, Bavaria, Germany. In the early 1980s I got a Commodore 64 and amassed a huge collection of games, as everybody did then. But just some years later I dropped out from computers and games. Why? Frankly, I don't know. Much later, at the beginning of the 1990s I bought a PC and played Descent 1 & 2, then MDK. Again I dropped out; this time not from computers, but from games.

                        Then I got Max Payne as a present from a friend, but didn't install it until April 2002. The next two weeks I did nothing else than playing Max Payne. At some point (the fire) I got stuck and searched for help. That's how I discovered MPHQ and gamemodding at large. I joined the forums, made friends and started to learn mapping with MaxEd1. When MPHQ was in full bloom I was an admin there and translated quite some tutorials from German to English, which then appeared in the tuts-section at MPHQ. I teamed up with HairlessWookie and StratonAce for the Lightsaber 4 TC (here are pics of my contribution -- LS5 (pics) never took off), contributed a weirdass bunch'o'rooms to the first chain map project (pics), and made a map for The Real World (pics). Currently I am working on a map for Rogue Ops.

                        Early on during my involvement with MP-modding I sensed that this could be a topic for my profession: sociocultural anthropology. Piece for piece it came together, and now I have a research-project on the culture of gamemodding. After having fought successfully against oddities here at my university, I put online a website and a weblog to render my project as transparent as possible, especially to you, the gamemodders from the MP and emerging Alan Wake community.

                        At the moment I am very content with my project, as I succeded in fusing fun and work. There is only one problem: Time -- the scarcest resource. In case you head over to my website and blog you will discover that it still is bits and pieces, very very much WIP. Well, there's much more residing on my HDD and I try to find time to breeze it all online. For example the mods-sections at my blog still are empty. Every good anthropologist collects the artefacts 'his tribe' creates. And I did that and will feature an as complete as possible collection of mp-mods at my blog. I won't host downloads (I guess that would cause problems at the university; not bandwidth-problems, but bureaucratic ones ;-) but full descriptions, screenshots, links to downloads and so on. I will get back to you all, as I definitely will need help on this, information-wise.

                        All right, long rant. I just want to invite you to come over to my blog and feel free to comment there. I'd be delighted. MPDev was a great project, ADM, and I was very sorry to see it vanish. But exactly because I feared that that could happen, I didn't head with my weblog there. Here at the uni-server I am absolute master of my domain and it will remain stable ... much more stable than MPHQ ;-) Hopefully there is something of interest for you all, too.

                        P.S.: And I like playing Q3A, although I am genuinely bad at it.


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                          Re: New members post here!

                          Ok my name is Hilário Martins and i am from Portugal i live in a small village called Sanguinhedo that belongs to a village called Vieira do Minho that belongs to a town called Braga. Now no more geografie ^^ i have 24 years and i played games all my life my first game console was the Sega Master System and them i knew the wonder that is the computer and my life changed.

                          About Max i first knew about the game by a friend, played it and i was quickly vitiated in is cinematic game play.
                          I never moded for Max Payne 1 because the lack of time, but my life changed once more because of a car acident where i broke my neck, don´t worry i can walk only my hands are not so good, continuing, so i started learning the Max Payne 2 tools to kill time and i made some maps that never been relesed in the net, but for now my mapping work stoped because i want to learn 3D Modeling and so i found a free tool called wings3D and my modeling work is now starting.

                          Ok the rest is history cheers.

                          And sorry for the bad grammer.
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                          Cheers :)

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                            Re: New members post here!

                            Me? I'm just a "normal" 21-year-old computer/anime geek from Finland. I'm not very much into gaming, but I like spend my time playing decent games like Max Payne, Half-Life 2, Homeworld, etc. (just upgraded my comp for HL2, I hope it's enough for Alan Wake <.<)

                            Well... If I don't play games, I most likely watch Anime, listen/compose music, draw or code something.

                            The only console I've owned is NES XD. But I'm seriously thinking of buying XBox 360 or PlayStation 3. I read the specs from Pelit-magazine and I'm really impressed.


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                              Re: New members post here!

                              Hey everyone!

                              Name is PJ.

                              28 yrs old, live in Phoenix AZ. Orginally from Iowa. Work in Engineering. Like video games, sailing, flying, socializing/drinking with friends, motorcycles (not both at the same time of course!)

                              Been playing games since I got an Apple computer when I was 3. I'm and old schooler and one of the guys that says, "They just don't make 'em like they used to."

                              Read about Alan Wake in CGW. Actually what caught my eye was that the old Max Payne guys are doing this one. So I was instantly excited to see what Alan Wake was all about.
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