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  • Thank you Remedy

    Hallo everyone. It is my first post in here and just want to say THANK YOU REMEDY. Thanks for Max Payne’s and Alan Wake. All off those games are amazing. Scripts are better then most of bestsellers. And thank you for cooperation with Poets of The Fall. You couldn’t made a better chose. That brand brings me so many emotions during play on Max Payne 2(Late goodbye) or Alan Wake. Moment in Max Payne 2 when they starts to play on credits make me cry… seriously I am 23 and this game bring me so many emotions that I can’t tell. Same with Alan Wake when they play War or The Poet and The Muze.

    And please… do not sell other games like you did with Max Payne. I havn’t play yet(PC version) but I must say if Max Payne 3 would have same graphic engine(like Alan Wake) and story written by Sam Lake that game would be best in history, how it is ? Will tell when I buy one.

    I am owner of PC platform and I am very happy that you made a PC version.

    One more time. Thank you Remedy.
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    Re: Thank you Remedy

    Thank YOU, [MENTION=24375]Winchester[/MENTION], for being a dedicated fan and for the kind words.


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      Re: Thank you Remedy

      I like how you allow Remedy's emotional touches to reach you on an emotional level rather than blocking it out like most people do and just focus on the shooting.

      I'm always happy to see people appreciate Remedy's genius, I'm sure they're happy you love their games!