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How Google perceives YOU

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  • How Google perceives YOU

    As we all know, Google keeps a very close eye on everyone. They want to know who you are and what you do, in order to show "the right" kinds of ads to you.

    But sometimes they just get it plain - and hilariously - wrong.

    Based on the ads you see, share us how Google depicts you.

    I'll start:

    I'm an alcoholic British expat living in Finland, who suffers from yeast infection.

    (I'm actually a Finn living in Finland, with no history of neither alcoholism nor yeast infection)

    edit: Also, I'm male
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    Re: How Google perceives YOU

    I think Google wants me to travel a lot. Because I get a whole lot of airline commercials. At least I get the right ones, being Norwegian airlines. I also get quite a few gaming commercials, which isn't that far fetched. Though I never click on any of them.

    I don't travel a lot, honestly. Ironically though, my father's a pilot in the airline company that I see the most ads for. Maybe they're just trying to connect me to my father? Haha.
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      Re: How Google perceives YOU

      Hah, nice thread. Can't remember what ads I usually get, but something I'm not interested in as well. Will check
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        Re: How Google perceives YOU

        Google was telling me to get off the Meth.. I've never taken any drugs like that in my life! Also, I need more education lol
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