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  • Cars-inventions

    Regarding our discussion about cars with [MENTION=9229]Pickman[/MENTION], I thought of creating a thread for our beloved 4-wheeled mobiles, the cars.

    My favourite car is the Ferrari from Steven Ferrara.

    I liked the way of its architectural structure and its horsepower, and I still like it.

    Nowadays, as you guys can guess, the cars consume TOO MUCH oil and they still reach 500 klm. What's your opinion to this?

    My Greek co-patriots created 3 NEW inventions, which are:

    1) New architecture, just like those cars from the far future in the movies, just like Tron, Minority Report, etc, etc. The creator is a young Greek car designer, who studied abroad in United Kingdom. His designs are AMAZING.
    2) Charging electricity in the car, instead of using oil, which MIGHT be running out in the later future, we would use the electricity to charge it and make it cover the 1000klm instead of 500klm. The inventors are brothers from Lesvos Island in Greece. Now it's going under the presentation procedure to check if it makes problems or not before being publiced.
    3) Water instead of oil, just like in the electricity, the same goes for the water. There was also a documentary about it telling what I stated above "Oil MIGHT be running out in the later future". It also stated that a Greek dude(from Mitilini) made a new engine to accept water instead of oil and made it cover 1000klm. There will be an era that we(or our kids or our grandkids) WILL have to use water, which will replace the oil.

    Here are the blogs telling about the murderers of the water-consumed cars, electricity and architectures.

    1) Here it tells about their murderers and about my co-patiot...


    2) Here it shows the architecture my co-patiot, who studies in Germany, created...


    I like and I follow the creators and inventors. They're the minds helping us to bring easiness to the world by making our life much more easy than it's now.

    The above is translated by me. I did the best as I could. The rest is on your fantasy.

    What's your opinion on these? Feel free to talk and discuss about many inventions towards cars(and most likely towards the motorcycles).
    The game can take you in a journey of fantasy, cause your mind is the creator of fantasy !