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What movie/tv show did you last see?

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  • Originally posted by yogibbear View Post
    Stranger Things.

    Just watch it. It's awesome.

    Great show, I'm currently on my second watch through. Did this show remind anyone else of Alan Wake? I got several of my friends to watch it by telling them it's the closest thing well get to an Alan Wake TV show.


    • Annihilation:

      Very similar use of symbolism as Alan Wake. I wouldn't say spoilers, but.... Also NOT the same story. Only metaphorically.

      The movie uses a forest and lighthouse as it's setting. Get to the lighthouse. There's a couple who has their couple issues. Whom both go through the forest (separately). There's love, but there's need for some therapy. Therapy being in this case a nightmare forest with some occasional pretty things as well! It all makes sense in the end of the movie. Watch the movie! Netflix!
      I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary