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  • Nightmare on Elm Street


    Being a horror fan I was concerned when they first announced they were remaking this classic. Especially after the failure that was Friday the 13th. But after seeing the trailers and what not on it, I'm actually very excited for this movie, in fact it actually looks better then the original.

    Anyone else seeing this movie when it's theaters this week?

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    Re: Nightmare on Elm Street

    I have seen this classic movie. He's my favorite horror character. I have to put off my hat to his creator. I wish he'd be a game character...
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      Re: Nightmare on Elm Street

      As my girl said "Awww I don't want to see it, I hate scary movies and that looks freaky as hell!"

      as I said "Too goddamn bad, can hold my hand...we're going to see this."


      Seriosuly, I gotta see how Rorschach handles Freddy.
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        Re: Nightmare on Elm Street

        To be quite honest: Freddy, for me, is about as scary as my grandma on sleeping pills. The german version that I saw is especially great. Freddy's got a bad lisp in the dub. I spend the whole movie laughing my ass off.

        Seriously though. All those Freddy's, Jason's and whatnot are for me pretty much the Mario's and Zelda's of horror movies. They were cool once but I've seen them so often, they just bore the life out of me now. I'd wish they'd come up with something original for a change.
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          Re: Nightmare on Elm Street

          Me and my girlfriend really enjoyed the new freddy. Jackie Earl Haley is one of my favourite Actors and he was just brilliant as Freddy. I know all the old parts of the Series and wohrship the ground Robert Englund walks on but, i think it was an excellent Remake and hope we will Jackie see again wear the Glove.
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