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  • Desert Island Discs (album recommendations)

    If you don't know the premise of Desert Island Discs, it's dead simple -- if you were a cast away on a desert island*, which records would you take with you and why? In other words, which albums can you not live without?

    For the sake of simplicity, and to avoid just listing albums, I thought it would be good to simply make this an album recommendations thread. So anything goes -- any artist, any music genre. It doesn't have to be your all time favourite album, it can be something you've just discovered, a recent purchase, soundtrack, compilation/box set, general recommendation, or guilty pleasure (yeah right, but kudos if you do ). Recommendation requests are also fine (e.g. "can anyone recommend an album by such and such?").

    Keep it respectful though -- this is about sharing music, not slagging people off.

    Oh, and if you're interested, here's what various guests on the show have suggested in the past:*

    [SIZE="1"]*Kitted out with a rechargeable solar-powered cd/record/mp3 player, naturally. [/SIZE]

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    Re: Desert Island Discs (album recommendations)

    I'll kick things off with something I've mentioned many times before:

    The Waterboys - This is the Sea (1985)

    I think a lot of albums from around this time (85-89) have a special resonance with me, as they're connected to my early childhood. They all have this very 80s sound/production to them -- I can't quite describe it, but it's easy to identify, and there's an almost magical quality to it. But aside from nostalgia, Mike Scott's writing strikes a real chord with me these days - particularly on The Whole of the Moon (which is a classic, imo), and also on songs like Old England(is dying), which sadly, rings as true today as it did back when it was written.

    It's an unconventional record, and not one I can listen to over and over; but it's easily one of my all time favourites.


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      Re: Desert Island Discs (album recommendations)

      That is one hard question to ponder on.. I could recommend a lot of stuff, but the music I like best is clearly for no wide audience. I could mention a few albums that have made a huge impression on me. My music taste is anyways an all-go situation so I can not describe my favorite taste of music by naming one, two or even ten albums or artists.

      Arcturus has two albums that I consider to be one of the most impressive jewels of avant-garde metal. In fact, I'd say they are even one of THE best progressive metal or actually any metal albums I have ever heard, those being Sideshow Symphonies and La Masquerade Infernale. The last one, La Masquerade Infernale, meaning of course the infernal masquerade, is considered widely as being one of the best pieces of avant-garde metal genre. Not that the genre is all that popular, but it proofs the fact of wonder I had when I first started to listen the two albums.

      I guess metal is sometimes considered to be more about noise then about music(and I have to admit, there is some noise in many of the songs), but I have an honest opinion that if people would just try to listen the songs with real interest, listen the sounds, listen the words, they'd see some amazing stuff in this music.

      Ayreon is yet another example of weird rock/metal. Being more rock, I think it would suit most people better than Arcturus.

      The album that I would suggest from Ayreon is Into the electric Castle. A story about a race called Forever seeking to study human emotions by putting 8 characters from different times of history into a dimension with strange things and happenings that the 8 must pass to get back home to their own time. Sounds eccentric, I know, it is. The characters are flamboyant, stereo typical examples of classic icon characters like the barbarian, hippie, knight and Egyptian.

      The album is a real space radio opera where the characters fight, fear and wonder like in any opera. I would almost guarantee that if you are a fan of rock or metal and have times when you just enjoy the feel of pure masterfulness of sounds and tunes that rock or metal can produce, then this is an album for you. Songs are enough different to be seen as separate sections, the way that Arjen and other artists create different tunes in many songs is surprisingly refreshing and all and all, there is so much stuff in the album that anyone could name at least one point on the album that's "wow".

      Having said that, it is true that album is very long, exhaustingly long even. Pretty much 1 hour and 45 minutes actually . But it is worth it, every last second. It was like watching a movie the first time I heard it. Nothing needed to be seen, just heard.

      I would be dishonest to myself if I did not mention at least one soundtrack. There are so many individual songs from many soundtracks that are beautiful, but not as many soundtracks as whole that are all that great. From the might of Roll tide from the Crimson Tide soundtrack to the beauty and pain in Max Payne 2 theme, it is surprising that many of the good soundtracks are very delicate and not at all so epic and mighty as one might think. So, what are my favorite soundtrack albums?

      The Dark Knight has the force of many of my favorite individual pieces. The music was actually one of the main elements of the film that I liked. Especially the Dark Knight. It is such a strong song that lifts the character of Batman high up.

      The Blue Planet soundtrack. Music from the documentary Blue Planet. BBC has some amazing soundtracks in documentaries that often go overlooked. This is beautiful music and can easily be listened without seeing the natural wonders of our world's oceans(not that seeing them is bad, heck, the documentary is impressive). Could be a hard one to come by. I would probably try an internet store and just download the songs. I had a real stroke of luck when I spotted it at a department store in Helsinki.

      The Sixth Sense. Well, the movie was unforgettable, and big part of it belonged to the musics of the film. I like describing it as a combination of the haunting melodies of old horror films combined with quality transcends of modern age movies, especially those composed by Hans Zimmer.

      That's my album recommendation list. There's probably more, but naming them would a quite tiring task, and I have just counted 3 hours of integration mathematics and I am weary.
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