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  • How to Make a Monster

    Since it's Halloween I figured a scary movie was in order so I went looking for the one movie I liked a lot from my childhood, the first movie I ever saw (made in 2001) that actually showed game development as a legimate career. "How to Make a Monster" would've probably been a better comedy than a horror film. It's about a bunch of game developers, a second team put on after the first team failed, who while working on a major horror video game accidently get their motion capture suit to output their monster, where it goes on a killing spree in the development house.

    I loved this movie so much I ended up doing a full video review of the movie for Halloween with clips and all.

    But seriously I meant to ask, has anyone actually seen the film recently? I think the last time it ever aired was on SciFi back in 08. I don't think HBO has aired it since 2001 when it initally came out. Honestly I know the tech is behind but in a lot of cases the movie was a bit ahead of the curve when you factor in human greed and panic, lol.