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  • Shenmue music

    If you like beautiful piano and Orchestra music,you should try hearing music of adventure game name of shenmue.
    I like game,of course,but i like music of the game too and what is the best;if i understood correct,you can download holy soundtrack for free!
    All what you have to do is registered to fileplanet (free) and begin to download.

    Here is the sites:

    If you have already fileplanet member try to hear these my recommended track:
    (I like these,you should,too )
    Crag Night
    Stonepit 2
    Shenmue II Ending....and,if you like those track,go download some more.

    you can find them here:

    Once you have heard,give me some reply.
    Beautiful game and beautiful music...
    Bright Falls: There must be some kind of way out of here.