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  • Alternative to Alan Wake

    As I stated in a previous post, I really love Alan Wake as a narrative game. I was hoping, with a shred of luck, and a bit of prayer, if I may suggest an alternative game in the same scope of Alan Wake for Remedy to create. I recently watched a miniseries that I enjoyed, produced by Steven Spielberg, called Taken. While watching this show, there were some eerie moments that reminded me of some events Alan Wake was exposed to.

    Taken is a 10 part miniseries based on alien abduction. And there were moments when characters were getting glimps of sightings, seeing those lights cut through trees, chasing or being chased through the forest, etc. that just made me think "wow, what if there was a game like this?" Thats when I really started thinking that Alan Wake was really the closest experience to this.

    That said, I would like to know your thoughts on this idea, and would also like to suggest it as an idea for a future game developed by Remedy. Along the lines of Alan Wake with its mood, tension, suspense, thrills, story and atmosphere, I think an alien abduction game would really be a cool concept.

    and no...the player isn't the alien... lol.

    thanks for reading.

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    Re: Alternative to Alan Wake

    Cool idea; although it would definitely have to follow someone like a victim or detective/sheriff investigating disappearances and there would always have to be doubt as to whether or not the aliens are real for an intriguing story.


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      Re: Alternative to Alan Wake

      Definitely a cool idea, and its fairly easy to get an idea of how it would look and feel, simply by replacing Taken with aliens.
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