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  • Dangerous Minds

    I Absolutely love this movie it's just epic for me legendary michelle pfeiffer was great in it the song by coolio is just perfect for the movie i also cried on this movie so who is a fan of this?

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    Re: Dangerous Minds

    Quite a good movie, but not at the top of my list.

    My favourite movies that deal with troubled school children in bad neighbourhoods would be the following:

    187. One of my favourite performances from Samuel L Jackson, a great soundtrack, and a powerful story that was written by an actual teacher.

    Lean on me. My favourite performance from Morgan Freeman. Details the true story of Joe Clark, a principal sent in to a failling public school to try and fix the place up.

    To Be Heard. A real-life documentary that follows a trio of poetry writers as they try and break out of the ghetto.
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