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Cujo 30th anniversary remake

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  • Cujo 30th anniversary remake

    I saw yesterday on Stephen Kings Website that according to several internet sources.That they are rebooting Cujo.For the 30th anniversary.Has it been that long.I have a friend that thinks that the first movie that they made of cujo is really scary and they cant really watch it.
    I think that it could be quite good.The tale of the st bernard turned rapid.
    I Just was wondering what you guys thought of this also.

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    Re: Cujo 30th anniversary remake

    Its been a while since I saw it, but I remember it being ok.
    I just came back from seeing the Evil Dead remake and was quite happy with it. For an almost identical remake, they did a great job modernizing the movie, although it just feels like its missing something without Bruce Campbell.
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      Re: Cujo 30th anniversary remake

      One of my friends was saying.That they thought the movie Cujo was to slow.And they didnt like the premise.That haveing the dog as the baddie.