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  • Clerks 3

    So, Kevin Smith is currently writing a script for Clerks 3, that hopefully is going be a movie in the coming years. I was just wondering if anyone else here is looking forward to this grand finale of Kevin Smith's movie making career. It is going to be he's last movie.

    Maybe even deviate conversation to other Smiths movies, as they are mostly in the same universe. Again it's the final movie. So I think it may contain everything from everything in some way.

    It will be in black and white like the first movie, and low budget.

    Also I have my own small fantasy of the movies direction. A rough scribble. A bit on the dark side maybe. How ever the movie turns out to be, I'm quite positive I will cry at the end. Unless Kevin turns it into a musical. Then I will cry for a whole different reason. Or if the movie never happens...

    [Quick Stop exterior]

    A customer storms out of the Quick Stop

    Turn to two middle aged man, leaning against the wall. Turning their head in unison, from left to right. Looking for something.

    Jay: Where is that m****r f****r! Matlock is on like in 20 minutes.

    Silent Bob raises hes shoulder's and reaches for some ball scratching.

    Jay: Why don't you scratch my balls for a change. I know you want to you f****t.

    Silent Bob continues scratching.

    Jay: Geez you really going for it nooch. You'll start a fire. Maybe you should spit on it, or something?

    Silent Bob looks reliefed and puches Jay in the arm.

    Jay: Get your stinking ballscratchers off me you damn dirty....

    Buyer shows up, from behind the corner.

    Jay: Finally! Game faces on Silent Bob!

    Buyer: He.e.ey you got something?

    Jay: Yo homie.
    You wants some.
    We's got some
    Noinch noinch.
    Dollar bill gets you these.
    If you need, he'll yerks your needs.

    Bob gives Jay the scared wide open eyes look and looks quickly at Mikes dirty, grinning face and glimpse on the crouch.
    Bob takes a slide step backwards

    Mike hands over a bill.

    Jay: Thank you sir,
    here you go,
    see you soon come back for more.

    Mike takes the "things" and walks away.

    Bob is looking through the old, empty, video rental window. Lifts he's head back little and notices the old face looking back at him. Old face that has seen some life but never got outside the old place. An obsolite relic from the ninetees. White backwards cap, scruffy beard. The old man touches he's face to confirm that it is Silent Bob. Bob feels old.

    Bob turns to look Jay. Nearly toothles Jay is busting moves and looking at the money, smiling without a care in the world. Smiling Jay lifts he's gaze from the money into Silent Bob.

    Jay: Yeeah it's Matlock time bitches!!! Let's go silly B!!

    Bob looks across the street where two strapping young lads, laughing and visualizing their grand plan of selling weed and partying every night, now seems to be like ancient history, but at the same time like it was just yesterday.

    Jay: Quit your gay dreaming moves, we're gonna miss the show!!

    Bob starts to walk the other way.

    Jay: Bob??....
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    Re: Clerks 3

    I’d take Smith over Linklater any day

    actually Smith has to run the script by Bob Weinstien before he can kickstarter it

    he is hoping Bob says no becuase the actor playing Randall wont do it with the Weinsteins, money dispute from part 2
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      Re: Clerks 3

      He is not going to kickstart the movie. He himself said that, he thinks crowdsourcing is for the new guys.
      He's going to use he's own money to make the movie. IF Weinstein doesn't want to fund it.

      Kevin Smith hopes that Weinstein turns it down, because he wants the movie to be independent like his first movie. I guess he wants to close the circle where it started, and as you might speculate the movie is about reminiscing the old times. This is his swan song. It would be only appropriate if he buts his own money in the movie, like in the beginning.

      I thought I remember that Jeff Anderson would do the movie if the Clerks 2 money is paid as it should be. As they are starting production next year I would think that the money is paid. It wasn't about not wanting to work for Weinstein. It was about getting paid as it was in the contract. I can't remember correctly, but I think there's no problem from Jeff's direction anymore. =)

      And hey! There's also Tusk coming sometime next year... I don't know what to think about that project...

      WE HAVE TO GET AFFLECK MAKE AN APPEARANCE IN THE BATMAN COSTUME IN THIS MOVIEEEeeee!! Clerks not Tusk, although that would be awesome too! Batman beating up crazy walrus guy. Nevermind the copyrights and all that nonsense....
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        Re: Clerks 3

        Why is this going to be his last movie?


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          Re: Clerks 3

          Originally posted by Skip
          Why is this going to be his last movie?
          Well, as it now seems. Mr Kevin Smith has found inspiration somewhere and decided to make many many movies. Weird Tusk, and a movie about evil Santa Claus, and many more in those lines. So maybe it isn't his last movie after all.

          Originally posted by iyahaloms
          Do you have an estimation of when is the third and final installment of filmmaker Kevin Smith's 'Clerks' series going to be released?
          At this point? I have no idea. Maybe he tries to raise more money, with the movies mentioned above. So maybe 2016???
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            Re: Clerks 3

            there's people who might actually not know, that Kevin Smith does a few podcast's. Which he speaks openly about almost every aspect of his life. So if you want to keep you ears to the ground and hear some small hints about Clerks 3. You might want to go to and check out the podcasts.

            That is all.
            I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary