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  • Windows 10?

    Anyone upgrading to Windows 10 to play Quantum Break? I upgraded a few months ago to use the Xbox integration features. I do like the new Windows Store although I'm sticking to free apps like the Halo Channel for the time being.

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    I'm planning to update just for Quantum Break. I'm not too keen on it, since I haven't heard anything particularly good of the OS, and the transition seems to be a bit broken for some people. But if everything goes fine, I think QB makes it all worthwhile.
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      It runs fine for me. There was a major update a few weeks ago (I think it's called version 1511 or something) that fixed some Windows Store issues I was having. My advice would be (if you're using 7 or 8), if you don't want to use Windows update, go on the official Windows site, download the installation media creator and burn an ISO of the most recent version onto a DVD-ROM


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        I'm just waiting for Pascal to release. Mainly because I'll be formatting my PC anyway then, so might as well do Win 10 at the same time.
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          Grudgingly upgraded over Christmas -- I usually prefer to wait at least a year before upgrading to a new OS to see which way the wind is blowing. It's not 'terrible' in the way windows 8 was for many, but it does feel unfinished - stupid little things that should be non-issues, like the start button not working sometimes (fixed with a restart), and overall lack of responsiveness (click on a thing, and it'll happen 1-2 seconds later, where win7 would respond instantly). I'm not really a fan of the new start menu - it's functional, but I don't think it's as efficient. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I don't think so. I don't know, some things are better, give it a year, and it'll probably be a solid OS - if it weren't for the reports about it displaying adverts (just like xbox does).