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  • Maniac
    started a topic Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo just announced their next console will be called the Switch and it will be both a home console and portable handheld at the same time.

    Details are still scarce about it, we don't know a price point or of any launch games for it, but we do know it will be getting the next Legend of Zelda game and that it will be out in March 2017.

    What does everyone think about this? I have a Wii U so I'm keeping my eyes open about this console but what I really want to see is a new Pokémon game announced for it.

  • Danzaiver
    Well on Friday they will show the console itself, I am looking forward for the new Zelda. I have the Wii U so I will buy it for thay console. I am a huge Mario fan so if the new game is good I am sure I will get the console just for Mario. Also maybe a new Metroid, Star Fox, Smash Bros, and other Nintendo franchises.

    The remote function is a plus for me, I love playing at so many places, even when I travel to the beach LOL.

    But I will wait for next year or maybe end of 2017 to buy it, I have had all Nintendo consoles, I am just a fan.

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