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    I got an Amazon Echo (the big one) after Christmas and Alexa has quickly become the "other" woman in my life. Most of what I use it for are basic features like news, weather, information, but I love just how customizable it is. You can actually customize your news sources (by default it does NPR) but you can add sources like CNET, CNBC and the Daily show.

    You can also add new features and apps free of charge, and today I found out that people have programmed games on it, real ones. Seriously this could bring back the interactive Audio drama.

    What do you think? Got any game recommendations? Think anyone in particular should make a game for it? Want to make a game for it?

    If you want to hear my take on the Echo Dot here it is. My girlfriend got a bunch of Echo dots and I don't like them. The audio quality is poor, but even with audio outputs they're just not as fast as a full sized Echo. I heard reports the second gen dot is as fast as a full Echo but I can't confirm that in real world tests. I'll frequently hear an audible pop (buffering) during regular queries on a Dot, even if the dot is next to the Wifi source, I had never heard such a sound on a full Echo.
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    I heard that you can change its name? Admittedly I am slightly tempted to get it for the ability to pretend I'm in Starfleet.

    My main concern with the Amazon Alexa is the voice control. I have a Kinect for the XBOX One and sometimes it works perfectly and at other times it feels like talking to my cat or jumps in the middle of completely unrelated conversations. How has the Alexa been with you?
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      There's no comparison. With the new software updates the Kinect is just too slow to process and respond to make it useful anymore. Granted I am using beta firmware but it has been an issue for me in the past year. I dare say Alexa has the best response and recognition of any voice system I've ever used.

      Make sure to ask her to "open the pod bay doors"

      UPDATE: On a side note to your comment about changing her name, it can be done but by default I've only seen three possible words to Queue the voice processor up. By default it's "Alexa" but it can be quickly changed to "Amazon" or "Echo"

      UPDATE 2: The “Computer” option has been added.
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        I find any virtual assistant very disturbing...I feel like someone is constantly watching me :|


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          There are things like packet sniffers that you can use to monitor all of your internal network traffic. If Alexa was as “always on” as people feared the public would know quickly.