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Nintendo Switch or PS4

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  • Nintendo Switch or PS4

    Hi, Nintendo Switch or PS4 ?

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    At this point it depends entirely on you and what exclusive games you want to play more or how would you prefer to play. Do you want to play God of War, The Last of Us or Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey.

    This is not flame bait I understand everyone has their own tastes and I can see either being a fine option. At this point the consoles come entirely down to exclusives.


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      Originally posted by Maniac View Post
      At this point the consoles come entirely down to exclusives.
      Yeah, I definitely agree with that. There are other differences between the consoles such as ease of use, cost, interactivity, but the thing which is going to determine it more than others are the games. The Switch does have the ability to be portable but with mobile games and handheld devices, the main emphasis is really on being able to play the new Zelda and Mario on the go. I do like that function and ability though. The PS4 does have more functions which is a major bonus depending on your setup. It's down to personal tastes buuuuut... I have seen the Switch be used more in the household than the PS4. The main game I've seen played on the Switch has been Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the main game I've seen played on PS4 is Horizon Zero Dawn.

      I do love me some Horizon Zero Dawn.
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        Both! Though I lean towards the Switch myself, mainly because of the games that you can play with multiple friends locally. But... God of War made me have major FOMO that I recently picked up a PS4 Pro.

        God of War -- oh man. What. a. game.


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          Funny you mention the PS4 Pro. I picked one up just before Christmas because I bought a 4K television around the same time. Yes I also bought the Xbox One X a week or two later.

          I can’t go back... I must play Spider-Man on it


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            We bought Nintendo Switch and I love it! Though, I think it would be better to buy a separate controller as the one that can be transformed is not comfortable to play in games for two.