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Alan Wake's European Sword Conquest... wait what?

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  • Alan Wake's European Sword Conquest... wait what?

    This... doesn't seem right o_O

    Wake's gun got an upgrade o_O

    Alan Wake with Swords O_O

    New character model I assume?

    Suuure, why not lol

    I love SCV's character creator. One of my favorite things about this game, XD

    I chose Cervantes' fighting style because of the pistol in the sword and because I didn't have many Cervantes' styles in my game, XD. I may continue this thread with some of my other creations should I get bored, buuut who knows. I mainly wanted to show off my Wake since, well the forum seems appropriate . I went with American Nightmare wake basically because he was easier to make than the standard one, and I actually like that attire better than the normal. Maybe because it's closer to my style but eh, XD.
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