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What's Up With Video Game Movies?

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  • What's Up With Video Game Movies?

    Nobody is going to be critizicing the point of view these days that for the most part, video game movies (that is movies which directly adapt video games, not movies that are about game players) are terrible.

    A few months ago, someone asked me why I thought this was the case, so I posted up my thoughts on it.

    Yes, I do talk about the Max Payne movie as well.

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    Re: What's Up With Video Game Movies?

    No excuses for bad video game to movie adaptions as the likes of books and comics can b turned into such great movies. Blame lies with the kind of writers/directors games attract. Most games should be left as games simply just don't work as films. Though I liked the silent hill movie and looking forward to new 1 being made.
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