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Assassin's Creed 3 WARNING SPOILERS

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  • Assassin's Creed 3 WARNING SPOILERS


    So I just beat it and I'm still sifting through my initial reactions. On one hand I love the game play (even though it was easy at times and a bit glitchy) while on the other hand I'm saddened and angry towards the modern day ending it gave us.

    For those of you who know what I'm talking about I think it really fell apart once they decided to kill Lucy off and the lame reasons they gave for doing so.

    I know that not a lot of people liked Desmond and his story but I for one loved him, I liked the modern day tale and the feeling of absolute confusion it left on you at the end of every game. By the last two minutes of AC3 you have your answers but they're not sufficient. There isn't any resolution to speak of and it feels that the past 5 years of paying attention to the story has been pointless.

    I felt that there was so much they could've done with Desmond and the modern day assassins but they failed to take action and we got a lackluster ending as a result. For such a great game series it's a shame that it was undermined by the half-assed ending.

    No doubt Ubisoft will make more Assassin's Creed and milk the series for its' worth but the future installments won't have the same curiosity the past games have instilled in me. I'll probably look at the trailers and be too worried about being burned again to pull out my wallet.

    Anyway, if you've beaten it, tell me what you think!

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    Re: Assassin's Creed 3 WARNING SPOILERS

    Modern day/First Civ stuff was the whole reason I liked the series, awful ending although I'm more annoyed they killed of Daniel Cross then Desmond, If you've read the comics he's a pretty major character and I thought he would take over from Desmond.

    The Connor story wasn't great either, I just kept waiting for Connor to at least attempt to join the Templars but no...
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      Re: Assassin's Creed 3 WARNING SPOILERS

      The story was completely jumbled. There were times when characters would just know something with no explanation. When Connor first sees a painting of Haytham in the homestead's basement, he immediately knows he is his father, and goes on to expresses zero shock that he is one of the most powerful men on the continent and is currently trying to decimate his people. That, and the "one's who came before" being so convoluted that I had no idea what or why anything was happening but it didn't seem to matter because nothing really happened with that anyways, the story was pretty unfulfilling.

      Speaking of needlessly complex, the economic system was a pain. You do homestead missions so people will live in your village to produce goods for you to sell so you can buy ship upgrades so you can unlock shipping routes so you can sell more goods to upgrade your equipment to recruit more villagers. There just isn't a very good incentive to invest much time in any of it, as you're already the most efficient at killing you will ever be at the start of the game.

      I think Assassins Creed 3 has the same problem a lot of games have, its focus is too wide and the whole games ends up too shallow. If it had focused more on being an Assassin and telling the story of Connor and Desmond rather than the story of the aliens, I would've liked it better.


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        Re: Assassin's Creed 3 WARNING SPOILERS

        I really like it. I think graphics was impressive and storyline really interesting. And i've noticed that at this part Connor took care of his people and not only fought for independence


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          Re: Assassin's Creed 3 WARNING SPOILERS

          I think I understand what some of you Guys are saying here. I'm not holding a grudge on Ubisoft or anything. I believe they are one of the best in the industry. But I think they did fall short on some aspects of the AC3 game.

          First is the story. They build you up in the previous 4 games and then just to finish it with a mediocre story in AC3. Yes, you are right, Guys. Some story elements needs to be explained by some sort of a plot or something. But instead, they left some areas with a style called "suspension of disbelief" hoping that gamers would just take it. It didn't work for me either. They should have polished those plots. It seems like some of those story elements have not been edited properly or somebody was just given permission to write the story without supervision. It's just missing something.

          The graphics were good, no doubt about that. But some of the gameplay elements need improvement. Like some of the side quests doesn't have any connection to the main story. Yes, you could hunt, build and trade, but it doesn't require you to do it to finish the game. And yes, the Homestead Missions were tedious at times that they became worthless chores. There are other newer games out there that are starting to incorporate side quest experiences to the main story. Some even make it a must to improve skill level of the character in order to continue with the main quest. I'll stop here before it goes on and on.

          The AC franchise follows on historical events. Hence, it should only be natural if we connect characters to historical facts and truths. In AC3, the main character is Connor, a mixed Native American Indian that grew up in a traditional Indian habitat, that is in a tribe. But in AC3, sometimes Connor acts in childish ways that is totally frowned upon in their heritage. Considering that Connor grew up in that heritage. At times, he was like an arrogant spoiled brat. Completely the opposite of what traditional Native Americans were and even up to now. Yes, Connor is mixed blood, but he was born and raised in that heritage, he even dresses as a Native American Indian. That aspect of Connor, for me, is something that negates from the norm and is somewhat a faulty story telling plot.

          Overall, it was still a great game with a lot of improvements from the previous installments. Ubisoft has certainly mastered huge, open spaces and fill them up with tons of people and things that you could interact with. The scenery was amazing and also interactive, characteristic of Ubisoft's mastery from the previous installments. It was the overall story that lack a bit of luster to it. Too bad, because this was probably the last story that we get out of Desmond. They killed the guy, right? I think Ubisoft would probably tinker a bit more with the AC series later on, but it's too bad they ended Desmond's plight with a mediocre story. After 4 good stories, they finished him with this. I hope they could do a much better one next time around. Still a good game though.