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    Hello everybody this shall be a Human Zombies survival writing so I am going to need six people send me a message on Facebook on here or my email. (Ellis O'Doherty FB and email is So I need you guys to do that and if you die to bad but I will need alot of you to do this because if I run out that would suck so please do this . And I might have pictures every now and then so yay you get to see your self die maybe .
    Ellis O'Doherty

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    Re: Humans Vs Zombies Online

    Thanks to my friends Payton,Josh,Micah,and Cruz, aslo my brother Roy. So I shall begin this now.
    Ellis O'Doherty


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      Re: Humans Vs Zombies Online

      Tuesday june 5th.

      Payton: man this sucks I hate Ohio.
      Josh: shut up its nice out here that's a change.
      Micah: GUYS ZOMBIE!
      Roy: Got 'em!
      Cruz: hey I need help I gotta take a crap.
      Everyone else: SHUT THE F*CK UP!
      Cruz: fine.

      10 minutes later
      Payton: Geez Cruz shitin yo pants not cool bro.
      Cruz: die in a hole!
      Roy SHUT UP! we don't need them to know were here!
      Josh: shhh I see one.
      Micah: I got it I got it OH SHIT!
      Josh WHAT!
      Micah: HORDE! RUN!

      Roy: I can't breath! *thud*
      Josh: ROY!
      Micah: JOSH RUN NOW!
      Josh: BUT ROY!
      Micah: HE'S DEAD RUN!
      Josh: FINE! *bang*
      Ellis O'Doherty