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  • Beyond Two Souls

    On Gamespots website right now.There is a 30 minute video disecting gameplay from Quantic Dreams next game which is due out in oct this year.Beyond two souls,it is said to be supernatural.Also not linear.Im wondering what the quality of the writing is going to be like.The protagonist is a girl.With a gift-link to an entity called aiden.

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    Re: Beyond Two Souls

    Are you telling me this is the first Beyond: Two Souls thread here in the forums? What the... My fellow members, you all should be ashamed! [SIZE="1"] (me too I guess)[/SIZE]

    Anyways, here's the gameplay video the OP is talking about.;WatchNow

    Here are also some new screens:
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      Re: Beyond Two Souls

      Maybe we all were a bit stunned because that looks absolutely gorgeous, I mean, wow. Interesting to see A-list actors such as Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe do both the voice acting and mo-cap. Seems like I'll be married to my PS3 next fall with GTA IV and Beyond. And Watch Dogs. Aaaaand... I won't be leaving my home