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    Sorry - there isn't anywhere to put threads about this game yet.
    Just wondering if any of the team are fans of the fiction of Iain Banks, who died earlier this year, as Agents of Storm reminds me of a board game described in the book The Crow Road.
    The River Game was a board game invented by the central character's Dad to entertain him and his brothers. It was based on shipping and trading around a lot of islands, but the brothers become bored with this peaceful game and re-write the rules to allow warships, and it becomes a more risk-like game they call the Black River Game.,123

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    Re: Agents of Storm this game still being worked on? Sometimes i feel, as if i'm the only one still playing it.
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      Re: Agents of Storm

      Yeah, same here! I'm definitely interested in learning more about future plans and future devices. Flare Games were working on an Android version of the game which I was looking forward to, I haven't heard anything about it in a while. I hope it's still in development.
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