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Quick Reply Post Bug (Please try again in 9 seconds)

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  • Quick Reply Post Bug (Please try again in 9 seconds)

    Every time I try to do a quick reply, I get this error message:

    The following errors occurred with your submission:
    This forum requires that you wait 25 seconds between posts. Please try again in 9 seconds.
    Now the message itself does post, but doesnt show up on my screen, its like the quick reply is trying to post twice. 2nd attempt to post, after waiting a couple seconds it does post without an error message. This happens 100% of the time for me. Had to edit a couple posts and delete them because of double posting because of this.

    Anyone else get this bug?

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    Re: Quick Reply Post Bug (Please try again in 9 seconds)

    Hmm I don't seem to get this at all. What I suggest doing is clearing your cache and cookies, closing your browser and re-logging in and see if that fixes everything.


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      Re: Quick Reply Post Bug (Please try again in 9 seconds)

      Its happened consistently after multiple sessions tho. My browser is set to purge its cache after its closed, and Im pretty sure thru my personal experience with php also that a cookie wouldnt cause something like this. Cached javascript might but I just dumped my cache again, lets see what happens when I try to post this...


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        Re: Quick Reply Post Bug (Please try again in 9 seconds)

        Nope, did the same thing again. Now heres something also weird, after I hit "Post Quick Reply" it seems to want to take me to the "Go Advanced" post page, which is where that error message appears. Checking source code on this page:

        <form action="newreply.php?do=postreply&amp;t=1845" method="post" name="vbform" onsubmit="return qr_prepare_submit(this, 3);" id="qrform">

        That looks alright, button code:

        <input type="submit" class="button" value="Post Quick Reply" accesskey="s" title="(Alt + S)" name="sbutton" tabindex="2" id="qr_submit" onclick="clickedelm = this.value" />
        <input type="submit" class="button" value="Go Advanced" accesskey="x" title="(Alt + X)" name="preview" tabindex="3" id="qr_preview" onclick="clickedelm = this.value" />

        Looks like the value for whatever is assigned to "this.value" could be whats causing it. I suck at javascript tho but suspect problem might be there. Before you bite my head off for saying I use it, IM also using IE 7 on this box (I have reasons for this, not because its the browser I prefer), and have some strange configurations for blocking ads, mostly with hosts files, DNS manipulation, and Spybot "immunize" stuff, but none of that would appear to affect any of it. Only other non standard thing on this box is Im also using Sun Java, not the MS garbage. None of that seems logical to cause this type of a glitch...

        /scratches head

        edit: ok this one posted normally... /scratches head some more...


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          Re: Quick Reply Post Bug (Please try again in 9 seconds)

          Test. Please ignore.

          Purged non session cookies.

          edit: ok worked fine that time. If it pops up again, I'll post but for now it seems to be working all right.


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            Re: Quick Reply Post Bug (Please try again in 9 seconds)

            This forum is using vBulletin and the installation we are using here on the Alan Wake forums doesn't have any customizations done to the Quick Reply templates to really cause the problems you are having.

            If it continues to happen for you in the future it's best if you file a bug report with the vBulletin developers:

            The forum version is 3.7.x.


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              Re: Quick Reply Post Bug (Please try again in 9 seconds)


              I think it is a vbulletin bug. Suspect what happened was two cookies and a bug in the software, two persistent forum cookies probably with different cookie names, two cookies == two posts. One of them was before my acct was approved, the other after. Im not going to try to create a test acct or anything to test that but thats what Im suspecting, just dont want to spam to test the theory.