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  • Remedy, fix your forums

    They have been hacked for weeks now. They were bad enough and now there are pages of nonsense. Is a fix coming soon?
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    I have just scrolled through 20 pages of gibberish posts.
    Quantum break is one of my favorite games on Xbox One, it deserves better than this.
    ​Does this forum not have a moderator?


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      First of all, apologies for the downtime. Korean spambots decided to target the forums while most of our studio was on holiday. Coincidentally we just announced our partnership with South Korean studio Smilegate, so at least I had the opportunity to freshen my Korean while cleaning 10 000+ spam topics manually (vBulletin and/or our server melts if you try to do it in batches).

      Despite the friendly invitations to free internet casinos, I haven't been tempted (yet). And just for the record: the attack happened before the announcement, so it probably has nothing to do with the partnership, or maybe the spambots these days can see into the future in addition to helping me lose bellyfat and find sexy hot singles in my area.

      During the launch of Quantum we ran into several problems with vBulletin's user registration email verifications, which quite often were blocked by mail service providers. I turned off the compulsory verification and spam was aplenty. Now the verification is back on, and our IT is looking into verifying that the verifying actually works. It's very fining. For some reason vBulletin doesn't allow specifying new topic posting limits for different user groups (as in "new users can start a new topic only once an hour" etc.), but I did double the cooldown period you need to wait between posting.

      The community doesn't currently have any active volunteer moderators, but I'd love to recruit some. If you happen to have over 2 years of experience on these forums and are interested in taking part in the eternal fight against Skynet and its spam army, ping me via private message!


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        Indeed, during summer internets get quite quiet o;

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