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  • Internship

    Hello! I'm a French student, and I was wondering how I could get in touch with the studio in order to ask for a three-month internship.

    I know there is a contact form on the main website, but is it the normal procedure? Do they even hire interns? I'd like some help from someone who knows more about this.


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    Hey Octo! Welcome to the forums, it's great to have you around.

    I don't work for Remedy so I don't know how helpful I would be in that regard, but I might be able to help a little with your questions:

    We have some members from Remedy on these boards so they might see this thread but I think you're right; for anything regarding recruitment or internship it might be best to go through the contact form on the main website. They can get into more of the nitty gritty aspects of the application than they might otherwise would on here. There used to be an "open application" section on their careers page which would have been perfect, but they appear to have renovated that part of their website. It might also be that open applications are temporarily closed as they're dealing with a lot of applications for their advertised positions. Although it sounds from your post that you've found a contact form for it.

    On occasion they have hired Summer interns (for three months or so) and posted details of the opening on their careers page. Those positions are wonderful opportunities but also pretty rare; I think there may have been one or two in the past five years? So there might be an opportunity in the future.

    So it might be unlikely right now, but hey if you're up for it, it's worth a try! The worst that could happen is that nothing will come from it, so you wouldn't lose anything. If you do decide to apply, I wish you all the best with your application.
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      Well thanks a lot!
      I was seeking some more informations here, but i'll post something on their contact page anyways
      Thanks again!