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  • What Would You Like to See on These Boards?

    Good evening you wonderful people! As Remedy is between games at the moment and things have been on the quiet on the Crossfire 2 and "P7" side, it feels like a pretty good opportunity to check in with all of you and talk about things or events you hope to see back on the forums. Some of the ideas would be naturally more under Remedy's control, but there are a few old traditions we had on these boards that were arranged by the fans that we could look into hopefully bringing back. It would be great to recapture the activity that the forums had through the Alan Wake and Quantum Break years.

    As a disclaimer, I don't work for Remedy and this is purely to discuss unofficial events that fans can do for fans. I'm sure that the studio will have their own projects and ideas for more official community events in the future too. I just moderate as a hobby. And by "moderate" I mean post cat photos.

    So for example some of the things we've had in the past:

    - Community Interviews
    Some lovely forum members asked lovely people involved in past games if they could take part in an interview for the boards. There's been interviews with Ilkka Villi and Fred Berman (set up by The Darkness) and Remedy (set up by sidetwo, pre-Remedy). There's been lots more but Google is being uncooperative. I thought we were friends, Google.

    Game Playthroughs with Forum Members as Redshirts
    Years ago, back before Mikki betrayed us all by leaving Remedy for Next and taking our hearts with him, he did a playthough of X-COM and recruited members of the RMD forums to help. Some of you guys survived and some, like me, died horrible deaths at the hands of aliens. We lost many forum members with that battle but potentially they could be reanimated to fight again elsewhere.

    - Giveaways
    It could be possible if there's interest?! There's been giveaways in the past arranged by fans here.

    So that kind of thing! If you have any ideas or you would like to see something mentioned returning, please leave a response!
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    Here are my thoughts (those of a mostly obscure, mostly inactive, yet returning forum member):

    I think the game playthrough idea would be neat! There was some mention of a Discord server on a thread I took a gander at not too long ago, and some blending of that with a bit of internet gamin' might help in building a cohesive "core" group, or at least a group that's a little more active? I think activity is key here! Surely, things will pick back up with a fresh announcement, but until then, a small "powerhouse" might do the trick! Provided there's interest. Count me in, regardless!

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      I'd love to see these things happening!
      But I agree with Viceroy, activity indeed is the key, and an official Discord could help.
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