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Possible problem with Confirmation E-Mails.

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  • Possible problem with Confirmation E-Mails.

    I've just signed up to this forum, but it's actually taken me a year.

    I've been trying to sign up for ages but the confirmation E-Mail just would not send, none of my friends have even played Alan Wake and I NEEDED to discuss it with people because it's so good haha Finally I can Been reading the forum for a while listening to many people's theories which is so interesting, just couldn't join in.

    Just letting you guys know.

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    Re: Possible problem with Confirmation E-Mails.

    We had a problem a while back with our email system for a couple of months, but that's been fixed now. Do you know the email address or username you used to sign up your first time? It should still exist on the server (just unconfirmed) and would help a lot at pinpointing the issue.