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You are a huge part of what drives us to make games. We're proud to display the work of our diverse community! Every month, we pick our favorite and show it in the Fan Creation of the Month section. You can find all community updates regarding Remedy's games on this page. Our header is by evil.owl.loki!

Fan creation of the month

May 2022

Anchor By: Lily Ashby

Fan creation of the month

April 2022

Control hoodie By: L1ttleR3d

By: L1ttleR3d

Fan creation of the month

March 2022

Rain in the Bureau By: Valentina Paz

Fan creation of the month

February 2022

Replicas of the Hotline and Service Weapon By: Joe Schaefer

Fan creation of the month

January 2022

Crocheted Alan Wake By: Daiana Gajardo

Fan creation of the month

December 2021

Jesse flying in the Panopticon By: BladerKoyotte

Fan creation of the month

November 2021

Jesse flying By: Leonel Bruzzese

Fan creation of the month

October 2021

Ashtray Maze By: Saelait

By: Saelait

Fan creation of the month

September 2021

Wake up, Alan By: Vvenkman

By: Vvenkman

Fan works we love

Alan Wake 2 confirmed!

Alan Wake 2 is coming in 2023. Watch the announcement trailer now.

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