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Being able to create games that our fan community loves is what we at Remedy are all about. We are truly amazed by all the talented people out there who put in the time and effort to show their apprecia-tion for our games in all kinds of creative ways.

When creating fan content, you probably wonder what’s ok to do with Remedy’s intellectual property and what isn’t. These guidelines are here to help! We work hard to make our games what they are, and our stories and brands are incredibly valuable to us, so we must protect them to keep doing what we do. We don’t want to bother you with these types of things more than we need to, so we tried to make these guidelines as clear and easy to follow as possible.

When creating any fan content, please follow these Rules for Fan Content which govern all use of Remedy’s intellectual property rights for fan content purposes.
And while we love seeing your creativity bloom and are humbled to be able to inspire you, please kindly note, that we do not accept any unsolicited material submission.


What is Fan Content?
The great thing about fan content is the creativity behind it: as fan content is creative by nature, it is impossible to list all the different types of fan content out there, let alone try to guess all the cool things fans might come up with in the future!

To make sure that we are all on the same page about what fan content is, we’ve listed some examples below:

  • Gameplay videos and streams.
  • Community fan pages for Remedy or our games.
  • Drawing, painting, building your own fan art based on Remedy’s characters and posting it on social media.
  • Cosplaying characters from our games.

What Kind of Fan Content is Okay?
Being inspired by the content Remedy creates to make your own fan content is very much okay and essentially, as long as you don’t do the things described below, and use common sense, you should be good! So, feel free to let your imagination run wild and show your love for our games.

Essential Guidelines

  1. Don’t charge money. Share all the fan content you create with the community for free. In other words, fan content cannot have a commercial objective.
  2. Don’t let People Think Fan Content is Official Remedy Content. If something looks very simi-lar to Remedy’s products people may think it is made by Remedy. That would not be fair to the true creator of the fan content or to Remedy. That’s why you always need to make it clear that fan content is fan content, not official Remedy content or content sponsored or endorsed by Remedy. To do so, please make sure to include the following note, clearly displayed, in your fan content:
    “This is unofficial fan work not approved or endorsed by Remedy Entertainment Plc or its affiliates.”
  3. No Registrations. Don’t use, register, or attempt to sell domain names, logos or marks which may be confused with Remedy’s. Also, don’t create or use social media or other accounts that could be confused with official Remedy accounts.
  4. Don’t Do Anything Bad or Disrespectful. Please be respectful of Remedy and our games, other players, fans, and other companies. You may not use anything created by Remedy in an offensive, unlawful, or otherwise objectionable way. This means that any fan content based on our products should not, for example, be xenophobic, racist, sexist, defamatory, illegal, or of-fensive, or contain information which is not yet public.
  5. Do Not send us Unsolicited Material. While you are free to share the content you create wit the community in accordance with these rules, please do not send any material submissions to Remedy unless asked to do so. We simply do not have the capacity to process them.
  6. Follow Applicable Rules. You should also always remember that you yourself are responsible for your creations. You should make sure your fan content complies with all local or otherwise applicable laws as well as any platform terms and conditions, game specific End User License Agreements (EULAs) or any other agreements or terms and conditions which may apply. For example, when sharing fan content, you always need to comply with the terms and policies of the platform or distribution channel in question.

How Remedy May React
Sometimes when we are really inspired by the fan content we come across, we may share it through our official sites, use it in our own marketing activities, or even incorporate it in our games. By pub-lishing any fan content, you agree to such use by Remedy and grant Remedy all necessary rights for such use.
If Remedy comes across content that does not comply with these guidelines, Remedy may take any action it sees fit. This can include a request to take down the content in question. Kindly note that Remedy may act without separate warning in reaction to violations of these Rules for Fan Content.

Additional Terms
As the world changes and Remedy’s business evolves, our Rules for Fan Content may also change. In other words, Remedy reserves the right to determine what type of fan content we approve of and to revoke the rights set out in these rules at any time and for any reason.